The XR Access Initiative is led by the Connected Experiences Lab at Cornell Tech and by Verizon Media. The Initiative is dedicated to promoting a safe and inclusive community for its participants. We ask that all working group members adhere to our Safe Community Statement. If you have questions about the Initiative or would like to report an accessibility issue with this site, please contact

XR Access

A community dedicated to making augmented and virtual reality accessible to people with all abilities.

Working Groups bring together researchers, technologists, and advocates to focus attention on specific issues. Groups work remotely and in person to move the goals of the XR Access community forward.


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Develop best practices for the community, collaborate with standards organizations, and help define what "accessible" means in XR.

Guidelines & Policies

Explore how new technologies can support accessibility, and promote the creation of interfaces that incorporate innovative uses of enabling tech.

Application Accessibility

Promote cross-sector visibility of accessibility efforts, support community capacity-building, and develop centralized resources.

Awareness & Outreach

Explore new technologies and support the development of enabling features in XR hardware and devices across platforms.

Hardware Devices

Build awareness of XR accessibility in educational contexts, and consider ways to design XR technologies that are accessible to all students.


Consider how producers, designers, and developers can create accessible XR content, promote accessible content creation tools.

Content & Authoring

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XR Access Symposium

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