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XR Access Symposium

The first XR Access Symposium, held on July 15-16, 2019, in New York City, brought together researchers, advocates, and industry professionals interested in XR and accessibility. The event included stage-setting plenary talks, technology demonstrations by industry and research leaders, and intensive working groups that focused on generating actionable plans for approaching the unique accessibility challenges posed by XR.

Symposium Speakers

Augmented reality pioneer and director of the Graphics and User Interface Lab at Columbia University.

Steven Feiner

Accessibility advocate and educator at the intersection between disability and technology.

Chancey Fleet

Computer scientist and human-computer interaction researcher working on assistive technologies.

Richard Ladner

Activist, performance artist and entrepreneur using immersive tech to highlight the narratives of the oppressed.

Glenn Cantave

Mixed reality and accessibility researcher building intelligent interactive systems to enhance human abilities.

Yuhang Zhao

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Full Schedule

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Symposium Demos

How can we apply best practices across different XR platforms and devices?

Devices & Platforms

How can we develop standards and policies around XR accessibility?

Standards & Policies

How can we develop input methods and devices to support accessibility in XR?

Input Modalities

How can content creators help make XR experiences accessible?

Content & Creative

How can we develop XR authorship tools to support accessibility?

Authoring Tools

How can we develop image and video technologies to support accessibility in XR?

Image & Video Technology

How can we design XR experiences to include people with limited mobility?


How can we make XR technologies accessible for educational environments?


How can we define and measure "accessible" in the world of XR?

Definitions & Measurement

How can we develop sound and haptic I/O technologies to support accessibility in XR?

Sound & Haptic Technology

How can we make XR accessible to people with sensory or cognitive differences?

Sensation & Cognition

How can we create frameworks for making new technologies beyond XR accessible?

Frameworks for the Future

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